Facebook Introduces a New Option to Delete Chat Messages Faster.

    Facebook CEO , Mark Zuckerberg has introduced a new message delete option for Facebook messenger platform. We know that other social media like WhatsApp and Viber already have special delete feature to erase unwanted sent messages immediately. If you accidentally sent a message to someone it allows you to delete the message immediately, before read it by the reader. For an example you can delete Whats App sent messages by using ‘delete for everyone’ within 420 seconds or seven minutes. With this special delete feature message might have already sent but no problem because reader unable to read it. Unfortunately so far most popular Facebook messenger service hasn’t such a useful feature. But Now Facebook has introduced an alternative new message delete option from the effect of 5th of February 2019. This new feature allows you to delete sent messages immediately just within 10 minutes periods. 

It is very Simple All you have to do is just press and holds sent message and select ‘remove for everyone’ option next to the message. If you use the desktop please select the messenger and use three dots on the top of the chat field to get this new delete message option.