Food Trend 2019 – British Folk Prone to Sri Lankan Foods.

Lankan  Egg Hoppers

  Many of Recent Food researches have showed that people in the world are changing food habits.  I think it is mostly a positive thinking regarding human health and protecting environment. Except the Organic Food Trend, some people moving to a vegetarian food trend too. Newest research of ‘BBC Good Food’ website declared that Sri Lankan Foods will be more popular among British people in Year 2019. Moreover they have said past researches have showed Britain has a considerable demand for Sri Lankan foods. Sri Lankan Foods have become popular in top food lists in Britain. 

   Lankan Restaurants in Britain Stalls like London’s Hoppers, The Coconut Tree and Kottu Lanka are great examples. Really Sri Lankan foods have great in taste because of unique flavors of natural spices. That is why Lankan foods have been popular among majority of other European countries too.

  Most popular Sri Lankan Foods are Hoppers, Kottu and Cocount Sambole (Pol  Sambole).  There are many Sri Lankan restaurants in London and those are very popular among British people too.  Another trend is Burmese Foods has become to the second place of most popular food lists in Britain. 

                                                                          Delicious Lankan Kottu

   Other two remarkable new food trends are most people prefer non alcoholic or low alcoholic beverages like cocktails or mocktails.  There is a considerable demand for vegetarian foods too.

  According to the other facts of researches mutton will be more popular meat in year 2019. Happy news is usages of Eco Friendly recycling food packaging methods are also being popular among majority of restaurants and product markets.  As a result hopefully we will able to see ‘Rescued Food Trend ‘in coming years!