Dolphin & Whale Watching with Princess of Lanka.

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          Sri Lanka Tourism,Whale watching Galle to Trincomalee

    Sri Lanka is the most beautiful island paradise in South Indian Ocean.  That is why people are called this amazing island as ‘The Pearl in the Indian Ocean’. Tourists attracted in beautiful coasts, jungles, historic places, Natural Water Falls and Natural forests in all around the island. Famous Lonely planet magazine have listed the island of Sri Lanka as one of The Best Travel Destinations in the World in 2017 and Best in Travel – Top 10 countries in 2019. 

Especially Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna and Trincomalee are most popular beaches in Sri Lanka. There is no any argument about the unique situations and surroundings of those coasts. If you are interest about whale watching we mostly recommend journey of “Princes of Lanka”. This whale watching project has been started in Galle since 2011 for the first time. According to thousands of comments, compliments and favorable responding of passengers in past consecutive 7 years, we can say it has become the most successful whale and dolphin watching Project in Sri Lanka so far. This project is conducted by Sri Lanka Navy Force. Hence no any reason to worry about the safety. Their crew offers an excellent facilities and hospitality. No matter whether you are a local or foreign tourist anyone can choose several packages for reasonable charges.
        Dolphin Watching on Princess of Lanka 

Now you can enjoy one day Jet Liner cruise on Princess of Lanka with unforgettable experiences. The main destination expands Galle to Trincomalee in the South Indian Ocean. The Cruise scheduled time period, as November to April and May to October. Usually Most demand Season is November to April. It is scheduled to sail in Saturdays and Sundays.

Passengers can choose snacks, beverages as well as Audio or video facilities with live broadcast digital cameras. The service of medical crew is really excellent. Charges are very reasonable. There are several cruise packages. General Cruise and special cruises.

Special cruises are divided in to three package categories one hour cruise, three hours cruise and five hours cruise. Usually booking of Princess of Lanka is not an easy job due to high demands of tourists. Perhaps you will have to struggle little. However without any doubt the voyage of Princess of Lanka will bring you an unforgettable lifetime sweet experience. Enjoy your journey!