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Full time and Part time jobs.

  Full time and part time jobs are available. No need experiences.
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Marriage Proposals - GROOMS


Bodu Govi parents seek a good looking Sinhala Buddhist girl who is having US citizenship or PR for our son, born in 1987, (kuja 7) who is working in USA.

Contact   : Email : ccj10960@gmail.com
Date        :  31-05-2019 



Hi i was, born in 1985 and studied at Richmond College Galle, 5' 11'' in height. We are from a respectable B/G family. Parents are retired government servants. Currently doing a my own property renting business and also have other incomes from land owned plantations. I have obtained diplomas in tourism and psychology. 
Seeking an educated well mannered beautiful partner prefer from Colombo or Galle suburb. 

Contact :  077 - 0738548
Date      :  08-04-2019

Well mannered, pretty daughter is sought by parents of 1979 born, 5' 7" for unmarried, engineer son. Studied in a leading college in Colombo. Please call us with recently taken photo and the full detail. No divorcees please. Self repliers also welcome.

Contact  : Ramanayakaramesh@gmail.com
Date.      :  18-05-2019


    1993 උපන් කඩවසම් උස 5' 6'' වූ පුතුට සුදුසු ගුණගරුක, උගත් ප්‍රියමනාප සහකාරියක් මව සොයයි. ඔහු විධායක ශ්‍රේණි රැකියාවක් කරන අතර අමතර ව්‍යාපාරයක් ද නිවසක් ද මෝටර් රථයක් ද හිමියි. කළුතර අවට විශේෂයි. කේන්දරය, ඡයාරුපයක් හා සියලු සත්‍ය විස්තර සමඟින් විමසන්න. කුජ 1,2, 4, 7, 8, 12 හා රාහු දෝෂ සහිත කේන්දර විශේෂයි.

Contact   : chanakap192@gmail.com
Date        : 19-05-2019



Design your personal or business websites today for very reasonable prices. Attractive custom designs, 3D animations and graphics. CMS, E Commece and all other design types are available according to your requirements.
Simple site is starting 7500 LKR. Call us for more details.

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1940's Duofold Parker Pen for Sale.

1940's Duofold Parker Pen

  1940's used old 'Parker Duofold Fountain ink Pen' with 14K gold nib for sale. Marked as made in Parker Company,London.

Email    : lankamixbox@gmail.com


Marriage Proposals - BRIDES


B/G parents in Respectable family seeks  a well mannered, decent, Nonsmoker, good employed son for 1983 born, fair and slim daughter. She is doing a job in private sector in Colombo. If necessary migrating after marriage also can be considered. Please contact with recent photograph, full details and the malefic horoscopes.
Kuja. Rahu in 7th House.

Email : parasthawa@gmail.com
Date   : 20-04-2019

අගනගරාසන්න බොදු /කතෝලික අප 1984 උපන්, 5' 3'' උස, හෙද උපාධිධාරී රූමත් දියණියට සුදුසු උගත් රැකියවැති, දුසිරිතෙන් තොර අවිවාහක පුතෙකු සොයන්නෙමු. පවුලේ විස්තර, කේන්දරය හා ඡායාරුපයක් සමඟින් විමසන්න.

Email : madhawasilva23@gmail.com
Date   : 05-05-2019

Brother is seeking a decent good gentleman to unmarried 1990 born, very fair, slim beautician sister. Prefer from Colombo or Gampaha suburb. Age below 35 years old. Please contact with social id, contact number and full details.

Email  : nuwanraj86@gmail.com
Date    :10-03-2019

Seeking unmarried decent educated, kind hearted groom from western province. I was born in 1983 , holds IT diplomas and currantly doing a self employment. Interested in someone who has a real sense and genuine idea about family life and the marriage. Please reply with full details, horoscope and the photo or Facebook id. ( Serious replies only please)

Email. : Ostar2015@gmail.com
Date.   : 12-05-2019



5 Amazing Steps to Train Your Puppy or Cat Within 2 Weeks.

Easy way to train dogs

 If you have a pet in home you know training them is the most difficult task. People love pets especially cats and dogs. Scientists say that pets can reduce human stress. Majority of hospitals in Sri Lanka have fish tanks. Even doctors says watching at a beautiful fish tank is good for health of heart. But really training new pets are not an easy job. No more worries! Today we will teach you about a pet training course. 

Simply follow these 5 Steps.

      1.  Train the Pet According to the New Environment.

  After bringing a new pet to home you should pay special attention. Start to treat your pet same as a family member. Remember every pet feels sadness, happiness, fear, tension and loneliness. Sometimes they feel shyness too. They are just like human. But Pets have sharp instinct about upcoming disasters. They have very sensitive ears too. So first of all try to be friend with your new pet. Call him kindly. Try to walk with new fellow. Then make a comfortable place for him. Do not forget to give toilet training too. You can keep a bed pan or a cardboard box filled with sand. For Puppies you can put some sand flat box near the cage. Make a time table for your pet’s daily activities like feeding, bathing and playing or walking. You should be wise to choose a spare time from your daily and weekly tasks.

      2. Find out Your Pet’s Favorite Things.

   Secondly we should recognize the needs of puppy. Test some foods and games.  Some dogs like to play balls and others prefer to running games.  Believe me; actually my dog Tricksy likes to travel on car with me and my cat Ashi’s favorite food is Samaposha. They have different tastes. So examine them properly.  If you have a puppy and need to improve his skills try this.  Simply tie a sausage or a fish with a long tread and move toward him to play. Definitely it will be a funny game for both of you. If you practice this, your pet will be friendly with you very soon.  Play with them 15 minutes for a day. This will reduce your pet’s stress too.

Faster trainning for Pets- kettens

      3. Study about the Pedigree of Your Pet.

Dogs have different pedigree. So you have to study about the history of dog. Then it will easy to go medications. This information will be useful for breeding processes too.  Sometimes you have to choose various training courses according to specific of their genes.

     4.  Start to Feed Your Pet Right way.

Feed according to the age. Puppies under 12 weeks should feed with small quantities of milk, rice or bread. Remember their abdomens are very small in early ages. Avoid feed too much in food to little puppies. Another important thing is feed your dog or cat in a special regular timetable.  If you give them food three times a day, avoid give additional meals between the times. Moreover this will help also to the toilet training too.

    5. Train According to Your Commands.

 Usually dogs and cats learn new things by licking or smelling. Sometimes dogs do biting too. So training your pet according to the command is very important. You should start this since in their very early ages.  Then he will learn to follow your commands. In the same time don’t forget to praise his obedience nature and good jobs. Pat his head slowly and call him with affectionate words. Then you can control his furious nature or biting.